The Black Women’s Expo 2015 Experience.

Did you go to the Black Women’s Expo This Year?

Check out this wonderful video covering the event. Special thanks to Austin Davis and Nina Kennedy from Mogul Broadcast Network for the production of this video

This year was actually was my first time in attendance. (I am not originally from Chicago.) I have heard all kinds of things about this event, which naturally heightened my anticipation for going. The dates for the event this year were March 27-29.

About The Black Women’s Expo:

Black womens expo | Mogul Broadcast Network | Naturalsara

The Black Women’s Expo is a celebration of black women; an empowering, motivational, and entertaining forum that targets the specific needs and interests of black women.

This includes seminars, entertainment, exhibits and more. The BWE is now in its 20th year and is the nation’s longest running exposition of its kind. It also garners the attendance of thousands annually. In 2013, there were more than 25,000 and it has become an essential marketing tool for corporations that seek to engage in this lucrative, upscale African-American consumer in the country’s third largest market, Chicago.


McCormick Place – North Building, Hall C1,
Chicago, Illinois 60616

This year they had a special Natural Hair Pavillion which included a lot of my favorite vendors such as Lottabody, Cream of Nature, Carol’s Daughter, and more. There were even lectures and speakers present to discuss natural hair. The special featured movie screenings this year were “Dark Girls” and “Light Girls” followed by a discussion called “Dark vs. Light Girls.”

One of the first vendor’s booths that I visited was Mane Choice. Mane Choice is a company that creates healthy hair products and hair growth vitamins. This was super exciting to me because I got a chance to meet the owner, Courtney. She was extremely nice and she was beautiful. She really had true-to-life Rapunzel tresses. The Mane Choice Vitamins were on sale for 25% off.

Black womens expo | Mogul Broadcast Network | Naturalsara

Another vendor booth that I visited was the Lottabody booth. I met one of the higher-ups named Tuan. He was extremely excited when he found out that I was a natural hair blogger and tried to give me the Lottabody set. I was very honest with him and mentioned that I had already been sent Lottabody products before. I also mentioned that I conducted a review. Instead, he gave me a brand new Lottabody product called the Love Me 5-in-1 Miracle Styling Creme. He also gave me a bunch of Lottabody branded products such as a wide tooth comb, sunglasses, T-shirt, etc.

The Creme of Nature booth was very busy. There were so many people buzzing around that booth that I could not really get to talk to anyone. I got a chance to meet Ms. VaughnTV. She is a famous YouTube vlogger here in Chicago. She seemed very pleasant and amicable. I like her.

Black womens expo | Mogul Broadcast Network | Naturalsara

The Lusters You Be-Natural booth introduced me to their line of natural hair products. I did not know that Lusters had a natural hair care line before this event. The YOU Be-Natural line motto states that the products are infused with proteins, essential oils, and conditioners. It’s the natural way to wear it straight, or however you want. Get healthy hair that makes you feel new too. The woman who I spoke with did not seem too knowledgable about the product or natural hair. She would talk about shrinkage as if were a bad thing and promoted the product to “elongate curls.” I don’t know about anyone else but when I think of elongated curls, I reminisce of heat damaged strands that would not spring up. As far as I am concerned, I like my shrinkage because at one point of time my curls did not spring at all. I still will try some of the samples so that I can create my opinion about the product.

Black womens expo | Mogul Broadcast Network | Naturalsara

Overall, I enjoyed my time and look forward to attending next year.

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